The Start Line - The World of Blogging for Me.

It would seem that in today’s era of technology, sharing your thoughts, feelings, adventures and even routine day to day activities is fast becoming the norm.

I’ve been asked by numerous people in the last 12months, do you have a website or a blog?,  to which I would reply,  no I just want to ride my bike. I have now realised how many people read blogs like they read newspapers or follow the weather and how they can relate to and be inspired by what you do. I never saw myself as an inspiration, let alone thought anyone would want to know what I do day to day, but it seems people want that and more.

So this is the start of my Blog journey as I share with you various insights of my lifestyle together with the highs and lows of the Women’s Pro Cycling.

Thank you to my family and friends who support my every pedal stroke and to all those people who have supported me in some way, continue to show interest in me, my sport and what I do.